some crazy shit. a true story by me. 100% OC. I don't know how any of you feel about these kind of stories, so here's a test run I guess.. Twelve Dram It was in lsd acid
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some crazy shit

some crazy shit. a true story by me. 100% OC. I don't know how any of you feel about these kind of stories, so here's a test run I guess.. Twelve Dram It was in

a true story by me. 100% OC. I don't know how any of you feel about these kind of stories, so here's a test run I guess.

Tags: lsd | acid
Twelve Dram
It was in Arizona and some friends were coming back fram
Reno far a surprise visit. Me and ane oth er friend were the only two
who knew of this. The plan was far them Ta bring ' of LED
back fram Reno, and have a macar party tlt aur buddy' s house. The plan
fell Through; they came, but did not bring any acid. My buddy and I
decide we' re Tripping anyway. We find a guy raargh ane of aur friends,
and ask him far prices (Acid is usually 10. a" drap IO/ tth where I live). We
decide do go him. My friend has only Twenty dallars, so I say
I' ll throw him some maney if he wants Ta Take mare When we Talk Ta
the dealer, he Talt us he had a special. 12 drops far . This was an
offer that could not be refused. I was ganna pitch in , he would
pitch in and we' d each get 6 drops of pure LED. It was around
4: 00 pm when we left to go get it. we get to this guy' s house, he' s just
standing in his driveway. He asks whas doing itso I tell by buddy, "let' s
do Thisl" and he tells me he doesn' t know if he wants Ta any mare I was
no way in hell going Ta pass up this deal, so I obliged Ta Taking all 12
drops. fl had Taken 11 befire successfully) 3 ' later, it kicks in. Acid
usually Takes minutes to wacking, so I knew I was in far it.
I thoght we were going to the party immediatelly afterward. I was
wrang. Parked an the side of the mad everyone in the car is just
hanging out Talking and we decide to Turn an some music. I Ta see
careful clouds of sound billowing outof the speakers in the doors of
the car. It collectively looks like rainbow smoke, and in no time fills up
the car. I' m now becoming because I cannae breathe.
I' m litereally choking an the noise fram the music.
We drove to my friend' s house, [The ane that bailed an tripping with
me) because I had the insatiable need Ta piss. I had to piss far the
entire trip, even if I did not. There were many empty lots by his house
meant far custom designed houses Ta be built an. I decide to go an an
adventure. The lots are all just sandy d irt, and the weeds that grew in
the wintertime died Ta create a field of what looks somewhat like
stotle. As I walk Through the lot Toward the carn. er of the walls, it gets
further away fram me, Apace is getting larger and I am getting larger.
I saw lightly med rainbows that would tlt the tip of ane weed and
end . All of the dead weeds were connected by rainbows.
This trade it look like a sen of colon At the same time, my feet were
sliding Through all the weeds creating a crunching sound that vibrated
my entirety. I finally manage Ta get Ta the wall to not even piss. I Turn
around, and the sky was bigger Than it had ever baked befire. My
buddy said "look! It' s a ." and pointed tlt the sky. " all the
times I' Taken LED, I' gotten Ta see wiggling lines and scalars
changing but nothing as ridiculous as what I' m thout to tell you. The
cloud he pointed tlt literally together and sucked itself
into a giant marsh flatting in e sky. I : d tlt it far a
moment and then looked back tlt him. The only wards that were able to
come out were Huck you."
Later an, we' re back in the car when the driver tells me her hands
always when she' s an acid. I then of causse looked tlt my hand
to try and see if it was the same far me. My fingerprints were thick,
black, outlines that I could see very clearly. The outlines began Ta
thicken until my hands Turned completely black, then shriveling up into
dust leaving me baking tlt a handless wrist. Increased, looked tlt the
driver and Then. baked backto my hand only Ta find that itwas
completely intact, mare nermal baking Than it has ever baked.
I' been tripping far thout an haw now, and having spent haa' f of my
time so far in a Nissan cube I could tell this .' T going Ta go so well.
Again, I felt the incredible urge Ta piss. I made them pull aver tlt a
Tam bell. I jumped out of the car and started walking to the mar. As I
entered the building, a friend of mine who works there [and alsa has no
clue I' m an 12 drops of acid], tried to hug me and Talk to me and tell be
to go out far a smoke with her because go put an break. I
completely disregard her as if I was blind and deaf and
to the .
Okno guys, this is where It really got bad. The inside Tam
bell was trade up of blue tiles that are each abaut laguage inch large.
They were an the floors. The walls. The ceiling. To top it all off, the
single stall in the bath mam was the excact same caba. Upon entering
this I become so disoriented that I' m falling into Thewaldo,
almost hit my head an the sink, and ended up sitting an the floors with
my eyes shut tight. My buddy walks in Ta help me and when he lifts me
up, he just happens to stop me right in front of the dirty, bent up
mirrai. Far those of you who have no experience with hallucinogens,
mirrors are a nonno. I saw may face become twisted and warped and
literally pulled apart right in my eyes. My buddy is pretty
warmed, and thinks we need to get me the hell out of Tam bell. So
here' s what he tells me: "youre ganna put an yaw shad es, I' m ganna
open up the daar, and youre ganna walk outof here in a straight line to
the doom" So tharr' s what I did. I get to the car to find still
an break, apparently now going with us an the adventure I' m now piled
in the back salt with Three other, people melting an acid under the
Arie' ana sun. My buddy explains that I' m having a bad time. Go Tam
bitch baked me dead in the eyes and said "ANON. Youre SEINS Ta
have a TIME. BO YOU HEAR ME?" fear level Just rase up
I could continue, but should T? you guys let me know what you think of
my story.
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dude i wanna here more man this sounds great
#1 - danruaul
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i like it.
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more bitch
more bitch