I am Heavy Feels Guy. Not OC by any means. Friend linked me this and thought I would share.. I Anonymous (ID: ) ( Thu) 12. 20: 27 urea No. 535908768 Replies: pp
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I am Heavy Feels Guy

Not OC by any means. Friend linked me this and thought I would share.

I Anonymous (ID: ) ( Thu) 12. 20: 27 urea No. 535908768 Replies:
pplaying TFA
Carena mem
awhole team rushed out and died
sail that was left was me and a heavy, I was playing medic at the time
ran back to base and saw the heavy AFK
batter a while he came back
OH TEAM IAM MUST " in a voice that sounded he had feed in his mouth
what I can tell he was probably autistic or , since he spoke Heavy' s lines
aalways referred to me as ""
team approached
Plopped the uber, and he killed the whole team
yhe adds me
eevery game we play I always medic and he gees heavy
yhe always yells the battle cry of the heavy er laughs like him all the time
aalways thanks me "YOU ARE GREAT DOCTOR"
think he was poor since he never played any other games besides TFA
vwhen asked all he responded was "DOCTOR, money is needed. Must collect money, but money is hard new"
yhe sounds sad and asked if he ever saw meet the medic to brighten up the mood
vwhen he said no, I gave him a linkie the video
yhe was very ecstatic and eagerly asking me about the part when the medic put the wet part on the heart
basked if it was possible to get new heart with uber
said heart transplants are possible, but without uber
yhe get sad again
Maybe in the future"
yhe then gave a heavy laugh and said "THEN DOCTOR, HEAVY WILL WAIT FUR FUTURE"
Few weeks later
yhe messaged me saying "DUSTER, Heavy will net be fighting until later in the night"
ait wasn' t until he got en
For the receed he referenced himself as "Heavy" since its the only class he ever played and it was in his steam name
Contin ued
III Anonymous (ID: E/ ) 03/ ) 221% t urea _ possesses Replies: :-: '
File: 1394137_ -( 32 KB, 264x269, ornage, lpg)
message saying "DOCTOR, Heavy doesnt feel well. I go to other doctors, but they were newhere near as good as you, DOCTOR"
we sent this message when I was already asleep, I have no ******* idea where he lives
aalways leave computer on, that' s hew I got his messages (if anyone was wardering)
llast message said "DOCTOR, Heavy will go new. But do not fear baby men on other team. ‘(bu are good docter. With you, victory is always geed. Heavy will
yeah in future."
bby the time I read his messages he was already offline
beever came back inline fer a year
yeasterday he came inline
agreeded him and asked why he hasn' t been inline fer so long
sit was his mom
David (Heavy) died of heart failure, I' m serry. Are you the docter he was always talking about? Youve the only friend on his friends list. He was always going en how him and the
Docter were best friends and always leading the team to victory. I don' t knew what he was talking about, but I was happy that he was happy. Whenever he was on the computer he
always had this smile on his face, and I' never seen him happier. He always stayed streng because he wanted to be with the Docter.
Thank mu tor always making him happy.
I' m selling his computer because we were never really wealthy tn begin with. If we were, he' d be here right new. ajust wanted tn see what was en his computer.
Thank you again."
MMFW I never replied
I was just staring at that screen fer hours
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#1 - navar (08/03/2014) [-]
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#2 - navien (08/03/2014) [-]
This did.
#3 - AllYourBase (08/03/2014) [-]
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#10 - tulimarito (08/04/2014) [-]
10/10 would cry again. Seriously, Im in tears now.
User avatar #8 - leafonthewind (08/04/2014) [-]
that's great and feely 10/10 would conceal manly tear again
but " I just want to see what's on his computer.", that's treading dangerous ground
#12 - kapitanokliosov (08/04/2014) [-]
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#11 - theqotsakiller ONLINE (08/04/2014) [-]
#5 - anonymous (08/03/2014) [-]
wow fj comments not consisting of purely " **** that autistic cunt" and things of the like im impressed
#13 - karenoniks ONLINE (08/12/2014) [-]
#7 - sarcasticat (08/04/2014) [-]
u make sarcasticat sad :C
User avatar #4 - antiponiesuser (08/03/2014) [-]
is funny because he was a faggot
#6 - anonymous (08/03/2014) [-]
Lol. fake and
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