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In remote ancient indo-china there was a kingdom. Famed for their tournaments, the glory of victory was wealth unbound, demi-god status and a secured place in the afterlife. The tournaments took place in a gridded valley, each side beginning atop the hills and making their way inwards. Wooden towers mark the centre of each location as a waypoint.

6 kinds of players enter the arena.
The first 8 are front line ground militia. Their heavy armour restricts and slows their vision and movements. Barely able to see, these stubborn warriors rely on peripheral vision and refuse to retreat at any time or would face a lifetime of shame.

At each flank are the two fortresses. Heavily armoured chariot-like vehicles drawn by powerful horses. The vehicles are well protected and fast, but cannot turn at speed and have little to no agility. They can move up and down the slopes, as well as sideways across, but attempting to move both up/down the slope and across simultaneously will roll the cart killing both man and horses.

Next in the battle line are the ninjas. They fight from the tops of the wooden towers in the field and use long poles to leap from one tower to the next. The poles are too long to be of practical use to travel to the tower immediately adjacent, so are placed at the base to one side of an adjacent tower and used to leap over to the tower past and to the side of adjacent towers.

Next are light chariots. Small, narrow tracks are built diagonally into the field, perfect for these fast chariots to traverse. Bumpy ground would destroy these fragile vehicles but they are highly manouverable within the tracks.

Lastly the chief, armed to the teeth atop a slow moving tower of his own, he is accompanied by a personal bodyguard, one of the greatest warriors and selected personally, mounted on a powerful but less than agile stallion. Unhindered by slopes or bumpy groud, bodyguards charge down opponents in any single direction at speed.

Yeah, pretty lame when you think...
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Plot twist; pawn reaches end of the board, removes helmet, steals horse and goes on a rampage to avenge his best friend's death. Or some ****...
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anon here. i loved this comment :)