sexy armor mods. i'm uncertain about the source, should be LuckyFK at deviantart - but it was deleted from the page... Wrong hole
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Wrong hole
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Female here, ready to accept red thumbs but:

Sometimes the whole porn armor thing really ticks me off. Guys like tits and that's something we just gotta live with, but the fact that it's supposed to be armor annoys me. Give your stomach a poke. Nothing there but skin, fat, and your vital organs which, if hacked with an axe, will result in a slow, agonizing death. Kinda stupid to have midriff-baring armor, then. I like a degree of realism in my games, and battle bras aren't exactly realistic armor-wise. (I think that's one of the reasons I liked Skyrim, because even on the female models (with the exception of the fur bikini) the armor was actually armor, and it was damn good-looking armor too.) I think I'd be okay with scantily-clad ladies if it was relevant to the situation, like walking into a bar full of wenches or something, but metal lingerie isn't my thing.
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Arrows can seemingly go through anything in Skyrim so it wouldn't matter anyway.
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Dark Souls, where the female armor actually looks like practical armor, and considering this is a Japanese game that has to be some kind of record.
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I think there's something sexy about a full suit of armor.
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Pick one

Pick one
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Reason why guards always attack me in skyrim
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I knew Anal was a bad idea
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