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#132 - Cambro
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(07/21/2013) [-]
Any time I'm in an underground bandit base or cave I sneak around and try to assassinate everyone possible without getting into close combat. I'm a Khajiit so decided I could get J'zargo to be my follower to create a Khajiit stealthy master race. So I'm sneaking around like a silent bad ass and let an arrow fly into a bandit's unsuspecting ass. Then J'zargo, who is standing right behind me, decides to use sparks. Like, **** J'zargo! "You know what's pretty sneaky? Me shooting loud as **** lightning bolts from my fingers that light up the whole damn cave! That's a great idea!" Every time. Every damn time.
User avatar #162 to #132 - corpsedolly
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(08/08/2013) [-]
**** yeah Khajiit.

Get a dark brotherhood initiate. They don't die and they'll sneak with you until there's an enemy that spots you. They'll go ******* and kill everyone for you.