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Skyrim Lore #2

Ttom am) was
Second Edition
T? you chop cabbages in Rippen people will
leigha' s lthe clevah who geas have .
Bretons have ancestry ' go back lthe Alc) : er
Fhe original race " Mu (elves) which who can be eraser)
back as " l' he Accura (The Divines)
A choose your own sytle book exists
in {me universe, Fhe book is calla)
toots anal Hue Dragon”
The language " l' he Dovah
SWEET Roll (2)
2 we no that you got from um Lady Palmer‘
The sweel- roll yoke is a recurring ) a yoke
Pounce wil' hin several " l' heir games, Enclosing
Inc) Fallour' s.
Accourding books Youngl in Disappearance " l' he
Dwarves, lthe c) ) aloner
link We power " The Heart Lorkhan
an Aelfric ) Fhe Race.
Strickly my own observation, Paarthurnax Falgs in a
very way abdul' in lunae ' verges on
breaking yhe ‘. wall, am) very obviously seeks
lean) lthe wagons mlro a new age wil' h lthe sissors, "
Makes we wong) er.
Winn A,
54 by
The Norah believe ' lthe sky (Kym) gave birl' h
incl spil' ooh ad’
IF you survive Fhe Bank Leap you encounter a
ghoul' " a bard who gives you Free speech l' raining.
an IF Fry!
Dragons were never gone. They were invisible,
awn) very very c, ubel'.
Tr, aes all For now!
Links More o? my Conn' enl'
pmsl' ) clown below
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