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#44 - auesis
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(12/01/2012) [-]
>Be Dragonborn
>Marry Mjoll
>Move to modded house in mountains near Whiterun, kickass waterfall and a bridge and ****
>Go back that same night to bag some loot and sleep
>Mjoll sleeping soundly, about to join her
>What the **** Aerin is watching her sleep
>He repeats this every night, staring hungrily like a priest in Sunday school
>Wake up next morning
>Follow Aerin out of the house
>Gut him like a fish and throw his corpse in the river
>Bind his trapped soul to a custom necklace named "Cunt", enchant with Water Breathing for irony's sake
>Give to Mjoll to wear
>She still doesn't know
>MFW every morning
#100 to #44 - klose
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(12/01/2012) [-]