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#66 - heroicvenom (08/20/2013) [-]
i told this story once but i'll i do it again
>once upon a time in that place with the jailbreak quest
>escaped town to avoid guards
>flee succesful
>head back to where ever the ****
>god damn dragon appears
>have battle
>dragon dissappears ontop of cliffs
> *********** .png
>dragon hp goes down
>climb to the top of cliff
>see admin dragon facing off against a bear
>its losing
>bear kills the dragon
>an goddamn bear has killed a ******* dragon
User avatar #83 to #66 - temporalguardian (08/20/2013) [-]
I don't even know how fighting a bear looks like, i only ever saw one, and thats the one you see at the beginning, and i always just snipe him with an arrow so what i'm trying to say is i wanna see some action with a bear.
User avatar #75 to #66 - othagovna (08/20/2013) [-]
Back when I first started playing Skyrim one of the first horses I ever bought in the game managed to kill a dragon.

I was traveling in the mountainous western area of Skyrim (one of the areas where it was mostly mountains and a narrow road along the ledges above some big river). As luck would have it a dragon chose that moment to attack, and so in an effort to keep the horse from getting killed I got off and ran up the mountain a safe distance to try to keep the dragon focused on me.

Well as I'm gradually weakening the dragon I had finally got it land so I could ******* hit it with melee, when suddenly I hear a horse neighing and think to myself "ah **** , the horse is getting attacked."

The situation wasn't quite what I expected though, as I looked back up at the dragon (after quickly glancing around to see if the horse was nearby) I see that the horse had somehow managed to use the steep mountainous terrain to climb onto the dragon's back.

My horse had climbed onto a ******* dragon's back and then proceeded to started attacking it. Better still, the angle I was seeing this from and the way the animations/graphics were playing out it looked like the horse had bit the dragon's neck as it dealt the killing blow to the dragon.
#135 to #75 - finblob (09/11/2013) [-]
I only figured out last week that you could attack while on a horse.

>mfw i was running around with a sword in hand
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