Shrek stories. . C D IRL shrew Stories lipread Parta Puss in / 10/ 08( Mun) 22 Us Nu we nant Us . . touchers tam! breathing Hits dad butt t t Stat At t sat an W Shrek stories C D IRL shrew Stories lipread Parta Puss in / 10/ 08( Mun) 22 Us Nu we nant touchers tam! breathing Hits dad butt t Stat At sat an W
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Shrek stories

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C D IRL shrew Stories lipread Parta Puss in / 10/ 08( Mun) 22 Us Nu we
Us . . touchers
tam! breathing
Hits dad butt t t Stat At t sat
an Wages
D Puss in Beets ( Mun) 22 31 Ne 9349
we way really the happened to me a few years age aswell
D THE ) 15 MM 9362
we 134982089341 - as , 750x600 , _ Shrek_ by_ t
song tn WWY morn the Wit shmeh
gets to the pan whate Hora changes dnto an Dye the Wit Mme
t get turned on and mt gash gets shrek' d
mt keeps getitng harden and harden
tthing t' s gong to New up
young s re pg
4 teat mt em from Emma at the
DST ll 9 so t have to Watt outside the
meet hen
28% comes out tn full Hone costume
teach Wet to mt boomboo on mt shoutout and play neggas tn pats
get ht m a tam
we 134982782983 wt- (410 , 500x274 , over)
Anton: ttwtt
at owe beams
Wet have ‘awe
D Indigo ) 18 9401
we 134983301967 , 23% 288, )
g cutting lump frut stag
Look Anton just got um
Thtats at owe muses Wet have
D Puss in Beets / to/ ( vied) 27 Ne 9436
Go on a date ptth a not gut
e go pashto net place and but around
we up the new handcuffed to the bed blindfolded and facende, mom‘
eat a mate Vince sat “Dom wotta the twatt be Dye soon
tam twelve teats me
One Mme t was three at
the cheeses
t got lost tn the ball pt 20 twenty minutes
on uncontrollable plating that Donke/ s dragon ‘.4/ We twatt burst through the mesh
t gave up as t sanata the bottom ofthe pee drenched play pt
A want green hang slaps mt antes: mt tare
t mt urge unha t sat t' s urge"
Suddenly was thrown out dnto the Jurassic Park game
t know he' s watching me guys
Be home at 4
go against mt best judgement and tuck mm up
he reeks at Anton
t ash mm whate he wants to go
tells me to swap seats ptth mm
t go
he sats ow let' s swtich dnto maximum
team he ts shmeh
he state speeding gown the toad
ht Watt) speed
am transmited to fa fa awat
see gonnah and Home neat sheets house
That met to let the stat the hight
t called shmeh geesh at gannet
gm remembed what happened new
and when t woke up t was on here
D Puss in Beets ) 21 33 Ne 9492
Be 12 at mime theater
shmeh 2 was playing
wt was so bounced check
Leave feeling We Jesus
Go to tooh tn matzot
wt out to Katee
Se a statue at a horse to bumfuck hm Jung t
we all the vegta appear out at nowhere
nnk tn were
Not grelng a fuck
Presdent Bush wants to breakdance
Thanks, Dreamworks!
D Puss in ( Sun) 14 59 we 9572
be at supermarket
aw past the Anton:
mute unde; mt breath how n ts people to eat something ptth so mant layers
turn around and see shmeh the poppets
go up to mm and gave mm a hug
he grabs mt "cucumber" no conitnue the produce metaphor) and tens the t am a vett tamed person
he takes the to he house and have sheets all hight
be off/ nth best bto
w e at the same Mme coveting eachother tn out shrekmate
t comment that he smells We Anton:
Ines to fuss the t tooh awat
hen t tooh bash at mm ts shmeh
tens the he can tell t am mant ‘met We Anton
shave sheets all hight
when t woke up he was gone, and den was mum! en Wow
D Puss in Beets ( ) 14: 10120
we 135128652854 wt- (710 , 126x160, )
Be 12
shmeh ts fiend at mt unite so he sats
om bettere hm shitfaced hat
Sleepover at mt countrys‘
cant sleep
Heat muses from the fudge
Get up and carefully open n
s a Anton
He sats he ts an Dye and that t should always bettere mt unite
He adds that he ts shmeh tn a marston and sats bye
t close the ' and go to sleep
New gm
nstw wants us to HER he feet
mm t ddns hnow what to go
mm t eventually HER he feet
a month but ptth t besause t am now an Dye
Thanks shmeh
D Puss in Beets ( Sat) 12 twp 10135
e as on the thatn
vatting pom
man state putting watt anal beads tn he ass
adden/ theme not anal beads "THEYVE “
m st alng uncontrollable tapping on mt soothes
s Home and sheeit 2 and 3
tone and shmeh shmeh dnto each otha so minutes
cant bettere n so t keep and stapping mt hangs against the winnow
tone on the New ts st alng and too
D Puss in ) 10230
we 135161783761 (6 , 236x200, 134377517271 tee)
glows beard
eard turns dnto Anton layers
hahh of shmeh
tan st alng
Anton Mme
evet tthing went bettet than expected my
D ( Sun) 05 53 we was
shmeh at ll PM
eat scratching tn hotshex
go to investigate find a beautiful hunk at Dye standing
tn front ofthe fudge
he turns around cradling three foul Anton: tn he hangs
he pulls out he member and tubs the ohms ptth he swamp me
he Dye f) noshes and comes dnto the tight
stteam ptth happies
he covers mt mouth
he whippets “tout mt Home rtow“
tam: Anton: Into rm mouth
taxes the on the lps
ash tout bettet than gonnah evet was“
disappears dnto hight
t still my ween to sleep ever might, new he came em
D Puss in Beets ( Sun) Ne 10825
atone gut spending another hight myself
eat something at mt winnow There ts no one there
tn around and see shmeh
shmeh ts t teeth tow
Yes t ts
You have no tger how tong t have been watting the“
We Stan
puts he my strong beautiful hangs mung mt wast
ma but can we take n stow m a
ma hogs "Dont wotta twatt take sate at tow
he takes the tn he arms and takes the to he swamp
we have sheets the Anette hight t swatter he shrekmate net so t can feel We t am a pm of shmeh
re end the hight cuddling and shaung an eyeball soup
waha up bash tn mt bed n must have been a mean”
ooh inget mt bed there was an Anton ptth a hem on n
He ts real t
D Sing! ( Sun) 13: 10826
That post itns the SHREKER for Best Mature and Story
E Richard / / ( Surt) 03 we may
we 13520666314 mg - (543 , 500x674 , shrew younger! pug t
wath dnto gym bang an Dye and stun
see 9 IO gut tunning on ptth pod on
wath up to net mutton net to take earphones out
I tell net shes alight tooting but not teeth mt type
t’ _ t C wath awat and leave gym
I _ Marty out on mt gannet tn the swamp flying mt ts an
J Wet the place
tta withs out
o 40 hm h flybar/ s a few centemeters above net head and chase net
he' s tunning and to net horse and stops awat ptth n
ma mt and head home to Home
D Puss in Beets ( Mun) 15: Ne 10885
on late at hight
bout to ogreasm
teen hang grabs bate from behing and state tugging on them
eatten ts shmeh
ma state suchong on mt mushroom bobba
Hung smell of ohms as he pushs the up
large green pent: ts tn full Mew
we mt asshole
circulates tastee of the
we up tn hospital m now paralyzed from the wast gown
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User avatar #1 - ariusbrightwing
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(01/12/2013) [-]
I cried, this is too funny...
#2 to #1 - nigalthornberry [OP]
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has deleted their comment [-]
#4 to #2 - drnignog
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(02/27/2013) [-]
i love you <3 Full homo
#6 to #4 - nigalthornberry [OP]
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has deleted their comment [-]
#7 to #6 - drnignog
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(02/28/2013) [-]
Shrek is the new thing, man! I really love them :3
#3 to #2 - anon id: ad7c2d5a
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(02/27/2013) [-]
Please do!
User avatar #5 - screwyouman
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(02/27/2013) [-]
>Opening a jar of onions when I hear a loud banging noise in my attic.
>Noise slowly keeps getting louder and louder.
>I set the jar down and start walking to the attic door.
>Open the door and see Shrek standing in the doorway
>Now I'm in tears.
>"Shrek! You are my god!"
>Hear another loud noise.
>A giant blast explodes through the wall, creating a smoke screen of dust.
>Very large figure walks in and stands in the walkway.
>Eventually the dust settles to reveal Wreck It Ralph!
>"Lets settle this once and for all Shrek!"
>"A'igh! It's all ogre now!"
>Yelling, followed by loud bangs and crashes from the two titans clash commence.
>Eventually the battle ends with Shrek on top
>"Ready to kiss and make up?"
>Shrek and Ralph start making out on my kitchen floor, and suddenly it all makes sense.

Read the first letter of every sentence.
User avatar #8 to #5 - lolwtfbbqryan
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(03/01/2013) [-]
this is beautiful.