Creepy Pasta for your amusement. And well my hell as I've got to re-live most of this but hey three people wanted more, to the point some CAPS MOAR all over my  creepy pasta my nightmares are Real

Creepy Pasta for your amusement

And well my hell as I've got to re-live most of this **** but hey three people wanted more, to the point some CAPS MOAR all over my post from last year.

I should also mention my nightmares I remember well and some are rather good if you liked to hear those also just let me know.

So after three request for about my personal creepy pasta I have come with such.
A little background for you all, I lived in a house my grandparents had built in a
subdivision. It was a pretty typical house and when they lived there everything was great.
But once my parents bought the property and in moved in it was a start of' a bunch of'
weird ness for me, my parents, and my friends.
This first story is one of' the later incidents to happen to me and my best friend in the year
2011, our senior year of' high school.
My buddy liked to come over to hang on the weekends and we played a **** load of' video
games on the 360.
He was okay with staying because nothing weird had happened in almost a year so it was
all good.
I after midnight went to sleep ( my weekly sleep schedule was ten every day so I didn' t
stay up late, cause **** me I liked the mornings,) which is were our story goes wrong for
my best friend.
You see I suffer from extreme nightmares all my life, by this time I can' t really wake up
from them unless I realize it' s a dream.
So I had a nightmare about something wicked almost three years after I had the dream
about my first contract.
In this dream I was alone and I knew my friend was suppose to be in the house but no
matter how hard I looked I couldn' t find him.
That was until the dream made me remember I locked him outside of' my house and since
it was the dead of' winter and cold as a witches teets, he died.
It was horrible but the worst part was when I woke up after it was over in a cold sweat my
mom asked got up and asked me ifl got into a fight with my friend.
He wasn' t there and had left in the middle of' the night.
I called him later to see why he had left and he told me he got up to let my dog outside
in our fenced in backyard to get some fresh air and when he went to go back inside the
door was locked and he couldn' t get back in.
I freaked and he was upset, I told him about the dream so he assumed I was the one
who did it but I told him there was no way, I sleep like a rock, (I' only slept through like
an earthquake and at least two tornados as well as a ton of' thunderstorms,) which he
would later forgive me and he chalked it up to being something weird from the house.
He never went outside at night being the only one awake again.
Before you say anything my grandfather insisted that all the outside doors have
deadbolts so there is no way he could have locked himself out.
TL: DR A creepy pasta story.
If you liked and want more just thumb me to your hearts content, if not thumb my
unfunnyjunk to the red pits of' thumb hell as this is just me seeing if anyone is really
interested in this stuff. Cause like I said, I' got tons of' these stories from my whole
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User avatar #2 - alucardlives (02/24/2014) [-]
Haven't read it yet, still thumbed.
This site needs more creepy,
Keep it up OP.
User avatar #1 - zameckis (02/24/2014) [-]
spooky spaghetti
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