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(09/12/2013) [-]
lets look at this from a neutral point of view:

-thumb bans are a good idea to prevent vote "fraud" or some ******** to keep ****** **** from frontpage
-admins first priority is to keep the site running. no one needs FJ merchandise anyway. do you want to run around in a FJ-t-shirt or what?

-in the past few weeks, i've only received mail from admin promoting new features like vote viewer, scratchpad or the rules and that thumb bans were cleared.

-i didn't care about the item game anyway but sometimes it can't be prevented to delete items/progress to revamp/improve a game mainly because it was more like a beta/alpha.
-well, he can't, can he?

-maybe he has other stuff to do with the website than posting ****? *worse
-I've seen a lot of reposts from him though

TLDR: you seem to either not understand what it means to be an admin, you wanna suck phanacts cock or are butthurt.
secret TLDR: he the **** cares anyway?