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#27 - risefromhell
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(06/03/2012) [-]
Oh you have this problem?
Well here's risefromhell's guide to fighting against little sisters.
Little Sister: Muuuummm risefromhell called me stupid and kicked me.
Mum: risefromhell your suck a little dick, get to your room.
Now kids listen up this is where the information is.
As you accept your punishment and are walking away slowly approach your younger much smaller sibling with the most psychotic face you can pull, smiling if possible, softly whisper in there ear whilst slowly getting a tighter grip on a part of their body "i'll get you while you sleep" if they start to freak out or cry let go instantly and scuttle of somewhere quiet as if nothing has happened. Creeps the **** out of 'em and makes my sister cry evertim. Get to your destination as quickly as possible so that you can deny any accusations of threatening your sibling.