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#8 - frijoles (04/10/2013) [-]
knowing Samuel L. Jackson, he prolly ASKED for the black iphone. He was prolly all, "what the **** makes you think I want a WHITE iphone??" Then stared at them real hard until it was really uncomfortable.
'well, Mr. Jackson, everyone uses the wh-"
"Do i look like ******* everyone else??
"well, we might have a black one somewhere"
"That's what I ****** thought. I'll wait"
#10 to #8 - Ken M (04/10/2013) [-]
i suppose you know Samuel then.
#11 to #10 - therobsorensen (04/11/2013) [-]
We all know Samuel.
User avatar #9 to #8 - heretofuckshitup (04/10/2013) [-]
he probably requested the purple one first
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