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The problem is the annoying pony lovers that treat the show like a religion. The ones that ponify EVERY meme or rageface and then post them everywhere. What the **** is wrong with the normal ones? You don't see DBZ fans turning every rage face into DBZ characters, why the **** do some MLP fans do it? It's pretty sickening in all honesty to see grown humans preaching a show that is designed for young girls and then try to justify themselves saying it was designed for everyone to enjoy. ********. 90% of the characters are female being shown in a good light while all the male characters are either bad or an outcast. It's probably the most feminine show I've had the displeasure of trying to watch to understand what people see in it. For the record I know a lot of MLP fans are not like this, I am directing this at those that have let it consume their mind.
I'm afraid to say that at this rate, MLP fans are getting close to being just as annoying as Twilight fans and that Justin kid (I forget his second name). It's not quite that bad yet, but it's getting horribly close.

TLDR- By all means enjoy the show but back off preaching it like a religion. It's nearly as annoying as Twilight and Canadian kids fans.
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I see what you mean, some people ruins it for the rest. However, I think the ponifying of everything is the best thing about it (not the spam, but things like PMVs).

When it comes to being annoying, I for one, use everything I can get to annoy people (mostly in RL).
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I pretty much agree with everything said here, but I have to (prepares flame shield) disagree on your statement about ponifying.

it's just really fun to do it, especially when the show pretty much promotes it by making reference after reference to things in every episode. some of my best drawings are ponifications, mainly because I have a blast when drawing them.

and your DBZ example is somewhat false. I see people make DBZ crossovers all the time when a character does something like getting angry, going supersayin with the sayin hair and everything.

if a ponification seriously bothers you, then you're holding that thing that was ponified to too high of a level of sacredness (using the sociological term here).
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i agree and im a brony. some people just take it too far. i just respect the show for what it is and enjoy it.
#754 to #714 - dtcrawl
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An anon who speaks the truth
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#726 to #714 - thisotherdude
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Good to see there's some reasonable people out there.
Good to see there's some reasonable people out there.
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