apocalyptic fanfic pr two. pt 1:/channel/ponytime/apocalyptic+fanfic/aBsBGnO/ pt 3 /funny_pictures/3405831/apocalyptic+fanfic+pt+three i didnt get a good respon apocalyptic fanfic pr two pt 1:/channel/ponytime/apocalyptic+fanfic/aBsBGnO/ 3 /funny_pictures/3405831/apocalyptic+fanfic+pt+three i didnt get a good respon
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apocalyptic fanfic pr two

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apocalyptic fanfic pr two. pt 1:/channel/ponytime/apocalyptic+fanfic/aBsBGnO/ pt 3 /funny_pictures/3405831/apocalyptic+fanfic+pt+three i didnt get a good respon

pt 1:/channel/ponytime/apocalyptic+fanfic/aBsBGnO/
pt 3 /funny_pictures/3405831/apocalyptic+fanfic+pt+three
i didnt get a good response on the firts but for those who want to read the rest heres part two, and three will be up shortly

A reach formy backpack, and
A pull all of the water battles towards me, and chug each lane dawn
A naw ' 5 musictime
drink all the water
ahtiie feel terrible
A pull from thegreeny, s. Quasi e
A grab from the e of equipment from the backpack
peregrinates after this
rshy' s still
and stumble away
ashely d n vs betterthan way
rrack my backpack
r" Hopefully I wannt need a drink for a whi
scaroused Boutique
A havethe here
ache effects of the smoke are s ill around
skin has gained same color back, but still remains quite pale
Ailey, maybe! ran pass car one of the damned"
A laugh
entar the store
ales dark
sheathing scattered around an the ground
in the distance
a" Naw darling, fabulous an you'
A crouch down, lacking inta anither mam
rthe white undrar is surrounded by mannequins
rthe me
r" , I need ta measurements righ
A think to myself "maybe if sheisse laughed at her awn Mes, she' d be as sane as I am"
A chuckle
ache unicorn freezes, and a look of shock appears an her face
rthe probably hasn' t heard anyones voice in years
the mam
ache unicorn doesit say a ward
A pull out serenade
A dank know why! waited
r" You rank 9 around e that. I mean your audits good, if you' rugging for a dirty survivalist, but
towards a drawer
rthe opens it, and pulls aut a gas mask
she uses magenta bringit towards me
ants the best I ran give yau. I wish I could help mare, but my ather customers need me."
A buttheads mask an
ashes dead minutes later
mare left
athesim is setting
All ta evolibrary and gaythis overwith' t
awaiting normally naw
ffee " much better, physically and psychologically
Aios masks have become a bit like a security blanket car me
Ethelind is picking up
anen/ nus, but ready
gland still
athe cloud is raining
wasteband fast
alighted the gas mask
athe cloud rushes aver
as fast as the wind
keep balance
athey' re angry
am angry
A begin to , but remain in place
A cam
rlt' aapplejack
ashes dried out, darkrooms covering eerbody
A sweatshops looking at me
me kill her
athe cloud disappears
A need ta keep ma _ g
arrest s dawn
ache cloud appears mare often then ever before
rthe time between each encounter is getting shorter and shorter
rthe winds brevetting stranger too
A run havethe chance
alt gayiest me, but I thinkl feel rushes in/ arms
alum a little while before! make it
arms backwards
Wm thrawn ta thegreeny
rno ENE is near me
rthis is thewarz
rthe has found me
A float up, and slammed
A black out
Awake up
arms and legs are chained ta an examination table
ache walls are lined with pages from books, news articles, pictures of fog, icy mists, and sand storms, with
thing ta anither
An the renter of it all is a large map of theworld, with red X' s over mast of the land masses
a" weii it looks like yuu' re awak l he examination is gluing to be so much mare beneficial with yau conscious"
my nai target approaches me, skaipe m d
abut c st, iwould like ta ask you some due _ rts
A dank respond
r" Let' s start with I basic me. What drove you ta kill my friends?"
A dank respond
aim all the ways you could have
Maybe them ta suffer"
A respond
Aai to dat
Vegert why did yau?"
A dank respond
unicorn seems upset
a" Na matter. If yau dan' twish ta cooperate, that' s your choice. Let' s just get an with the examination"
sherrif d, .
r" Now as yau know, when panies breath in ma much of the cloud, they turn inta dried out mobsters, and run the other mindless
beasts. But it' s not the same h ather creatures, intruding yau. Other creatures shaw signs of becoming like the 'infected', but eventually
r' Yopopo '
All want ta gum out why. iwant ta open you up and see what makes you tick"
aim enraged
r" Goto hell"
r" l' alreadythere"
she plunges the scalpel inta my chest
in agony
aaland begins to seep aut
s missing samething.
ed them, why did yau use smoke grenades? My research tells my that dying from these things is a ho
my blood is black
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#1 - alucord
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I assume you killed fluttershy too?
User avatar #2 to #1 - StonerDog [OP]
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(03/03/2012) [-]
its in part one sorry
#4 - elbrysobrony
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(03/04/2012) [-]
"My blood is black."

Am I the only one that thought of him/her/it when you said that?
#3 - noobiereaper
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(03/03/2012) [-]
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