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Ur all the same


SUMMERY OF DESC: People usually go into comments blind and think parodies are hate. Parodies are usually exaggerated bla bla bla.
now you cant possibly be tl;dr ;)

Now that we have your attention, this is pretty much our response to the ignorant part of the internet that thinks all parody videos are just hating on everything they stand for. Their response is to throw blind rage at the content, without taking the time to understand the video at all. When people make parodies, they are usually blowing things out of proportion to get a few laughs. That's kinda the point of a parody. But, people can't help but take it personally. So far that they feel a video was making false accusations towards them specifically. Today's pampered society everyone is brought up that its almost criminal to laugh at anyone for any reason.

Also this is NOT the series! For the series, will be going all out on the animation. At production quality you didn't even know to expect from us. So the first ep will take a while. We're doing videos like this so we can take a break from the series when we need a new environment.

Also we recently launched our official site for news posts and art! feel free to check it out! jaltoid.com/

We also will be doing commissions! jaltoid.com/shop.php

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