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Thoroughly Analyzing "Too Many Pinky Pie


0:00 - Introduction
1:08 - The Orange Insanity
2:20 - Attention to Detail
2:45 - Pinkie Pie Tackles Choices
3:41 - Analyzing Pinkie's Clones and How They Differ From Pinkie ( important)
4:47 - Random Aside
4:57 - Pinkie's First Clone
5:28 - The Weight of Pinkie's Decisions
5:55 - The Clone Army vs. Pinkie
7:23 - Setting Up the Gambit
8:18 - The Amazing Ending

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This is the first of what will be a great many (over fifty!) analysis videos for MLP, as I take apart each and every episode of the show for fun. I've already done written analysis of each episode of season three, and am making my way through season one. I felt it was important to add a video element, partly because I can't explain exactly what about many of these animation flourishes is so good, and partly because this fandom is altogether more receptive to video than they are to text.

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Thumbnail art by Jowybean, used with permission: jowybean.deviantart.com/

Views: 2974 Submitted: 03/15/2013