The fuck Youtube?. .. NEVER FORGET!!
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#7 - ragnarfag (02/25/2013) [-]
User avatar #1 - yutdollacwwwthree (02/24/2013) [-]
Wait, what?
User avatar #6 to #1 - derangedberger (02/25/2013) [-]
You obviously have never been on youtube.
User avatar #4 to #1 - pyrocrisis (02/25/2013) [-]
It's YouTubes view count checking system. After 301 give or take views, the counter stops going up for a while so the computers can do some analysis to ensure the views were not done by spam bots or whatever, so that someone can't just force a video to the home page using tricks. This results in more likes or dislikes on videos than views if lots of people watch it within a few hours of it going live.
User avatar #2 to #1 - ieatyououtaldaylon (02/25/2013) [-]
I see you've never been on youtube.
User avatar #5 to #2 - yutdollacwwwthree (02/25/2013) [-]
I go on YouTube all the time, I just never understood it.
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