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#202 - kennyroks (04/04/2012) [-]
wtf is this **** ? go take your rules and shove them up your ass. i came here to ponytime to watch ponies and enjoy the fan culture, and you want to **** with it by telling people what they should post? ***** whats wrong with you? if people want to post a song that has been reposted 100000 times, let him, it is the thumbs that will tell him whether or not it was enjoyed, not some bitch ass that has nothing to do with the creation of the content. why not just consult the creator of a piece of art and see if they are fine with it being posted?
#235 to #202 - gtxace **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#238 to #235 - kennyroks (04/06/2012) [-]
ah yes, i do indeed agree with the link you sent me. it was quite entertaining
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User avatar #208 to #202 - madmadworld (04/04/2012) [-]
I am sorry but if you wanted that then why didn't you go to...oh I don't know...a fan site?
#210 to #208 - kennyroks (04/04/2012) [-]
isnt ponytime a sort of fan site? dont fix it if its not broken
User avatar #217 to #210 - madmadworld (04/04/2012) [-]
No, it's not.
It's a channel, made for filtering, sorting, filing.
Not a fan group, not a fan site.
The sooner this is seen the faster things can get back to the way they should be.
#218 to #217 - kennyroks (04/04/2012) [-]
ah, could you please tell me how i should enjoy the internet some more?
User avatar #220 to #218 - madmadworld (04/04/2012) [-]
I'm not telling you how to enjoy the internet, only how the channels should be utilised in terms of content posted.

But if you want that community interaction for MLP only I would recommend going to a MLP fan site as you're going to get a better experience there because it's dedicated for it.
#221 to #220 - kennyroks (04/04/2012) [-]
very well sir, i see your points and thier validity, but no
User avatar #222 to #221 - madmadworld (04/04/2012) [-]
Ah, so you're one of the types who wishes to remain in a disruptive position when there are much better positions available for you.
That's cool, you do what you gotta do.

I now think a bit less of you for saying basically you wish to bring the fan site to FJ instead of going there yourself, but that doesn't matter.
So long as you know you're actively being disruptive in that case, even when being civil there is a small level of disruption.
#223 to #222 - kennyroks (04/04/2012) [-]
ah but you do not see do you? yes it is partly enjoyable to see a civil war going on in the brony community, but moreover i am merely stating what i think is correct, much as you are doing yourself. you see, we are the same, only our opinions differ.
User avatar #224 to #223 - madmadworld (04/04/2012) [-]
Actually we're the same in only one respect.
We're both being civil.

I am not a fan of the show, and I am not really a fan of bronys or how they behave. I am not a fan of the flamewars, I am not a fan of sides. I am not a fan of frontpage being over saturated with crap from both sides of the ridiculous fandom.

If it were up to me it would be a "You like the show? Fine, go discuss it and do all the fan interaction elsewhere. If you have jokes for all that use the show as a platform then post it in ponytime."
That would be the entire MLP presence on the site if it were up to me.

Even worse if I had it my way I would have banned MLP from this site the first time it cropped up as a fad as a pre-emptive measure, but there you go.
#225 to #224 - kennyroks (04/05/2012) [-]
hmmm quite true. however, you still fail to see that we are the same, not in the individual aspects, however in the respect that we both believe our opinion is the way things should be done. im sure the MLP famdom isnt the only thing to have ever swept the internet or funnyjunk, and it wont be the last. however i strongly doubt that what you said will ever become act since it strongly goes against the internet as a whole
User avatar #226 to #225 - madmadworld (04/05/2012) [-]
To my memory it is the first one to do both those things in this sense.
And that's the reason why no-one likes the bronys. :P
You don't be nice even though your group spouts stuff about love and tolerance. :P

Seriously we're not asking for the people to leave, just to put the content in the right place. Most of which doesn't actually belong here as they're not jokes.
#227 to #226 - kennyroks (04/05/2012) [-]
too bad ponies stay
too bad ponies stay
User avatar #230 to #227 - madmadworld (04/05/2012) [-]
Nah, that's not what's bad. I'm fine for pony's staying so long as it's jokes everyone can get and laugh at.
What's bad is bronys posting random fan stuff and saying "I'm a brony, deal with it" then getting bent out of shape and causing flame wars when they're asked to keep fan stuff to a minimal. XD

As soon as either the channel filters are in place from uncle dolan or people post right, then we can move on to cleaning up the next group. :P
#231 to #230 - kennyroks (04/05/2012) [-]
you sound like a crusader. too bad you can never fix the internet
User avatar #232 to #231 - madmadworld (04/05/2012) [-]
Not trying to fix the whole internet, just stating an opinion on this one site only.
User avatar #234 to #233 - madmadworld (04/05/2012) [-]
And it's come to that time of a conversation when the brony rolls out pony "deal with it" images.

Thanks for playing you lasted longer than some but I will dropping out of this conversation now as it will no longer be productive.

User avatar #204 to #202 - thephantur (04/04/2012) [-]
Too bad bronies thumb up everything even mentioning ponies.
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