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#589 - ififeellikeit ONLINE (04/18/2012) [-]
who would be the boss of amnesia?
the Grunt?
or the Tank?
either way there all ****** to hell and back again.
User avatar #837 to #589 - battlefieldlover (04/21/2012) [-]
You never "defeat" a grunt or brute. But you do stop Alexander, depending on the ending you chose
User avatar #607 to #589 - samxdaxman (04/18/2012) [-]
well i still have yet to find a way to kill or beat the monsters. ive beat alexander so i figure he'd be the boss. but id like to see the ponies vs a grunt or a tank.
#612 to #607 - ififeellikeit ONLINE (04/18/2012) [-]
its actually called a Brute not a Tank that is my fault.
its actually called a Brute not a Tank that is my fault.
User avatar #615 to #612 - samxdaxman (04/18/2012) [-]
ah well i never figured out the real names of the monsters so i was just going by what you said.
User avatar #619 to #615 - ififeellikeit ONLINE (04/18/2012) [-]
that's all right if you want to see something cool go to your amnesia directory then redist then super secret.rar and type in lke271tyr299odn314 . its full of concept art.
User avatar #628 to #619 - samxdaxman (04/18/2012) [-]
alright ill go check it out.
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