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Pony Eleven Go - Soccer is Magic [(PMV]

Oretachi No...Sakka!

Well that was the best i could do with season 1 and some parts of season 2 which i didn't watched in the time i made the video

Rainbow Dash : Matsukaze Tenma
Apple Bloom : Nishizono Shinsuke
Octavia : Takuto Shindou
Trixie : Kyousuke Tsurugi
Celestia : Mamoru Endo
Nightmare Moon : Shuuji Ishido
Vinyl Scratch : Yuuto Kidou
Fluttershy - Shirou Fubuki
Discord : Daigou
Big Mac : Taichi Sangoku
Pinkie Pie : Ranmaru Kirino
Lyra : Masaki Kariya
Doctor Whooves : Ryouma Nishiki
Twilight Sparkle : Hikaru Kageyama
Rarity : Minamisawa
Bon Bon : Aoi
Scootaloo : Midori
Sweetie Belle : Akane
Applejack : Taiyo Amemiya
Soarin : Utsunomiya Toramaru
Derpy : Aphrodi Terumi
Zecora : Osamu Saginuma
Nurse Redheart : Fuyuka Kudou
Mrs.Cake : Aki Kino
Cheerilee : Natsumi Endou

Note : Spitfire was originally supposed to be Taiyo Amemiya, but seeing there it wasn't much of her in the show, i replaced with Applejack, which it fit quite well too.

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Submitted: 10/21/2012
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