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Photo Finish's High Fashion Funk


On Bandcamp - yourenigma.bandcamp.com/track/da-magicks-2

"Da Magicks" is a track I have wanted to make for quite some time. Perhaps as evidenced by Rarity being my best pony, I am definitely interested in fashion. That's not to say I am an avid follower of trends and the like, but I definitely try to dress well and enjoy me some Project Runway. So of course I'm down with Photo Finish, and so this little number was conceived.

In actuality, I was going for a different feel here, so the use of the term "jazz" and even "funk" is extremely marginal. What I was going for what a sort of sound which typifies the music one hears at a fashion show, but still with the usual pony jazz characteristics (light swing, solos, etc). Samples abound in this piece; everything from Count Basie to Charles Mingus to Photo Finish's own theme.

There's no explicit story being told here, but I'd like to imagine this music accompanying a montage of some sort depicting Photo Finish's rise to the top, taking the fashion world by storm with "Da Magicks!"


Views: 3592 Submitted: 09/16/2012