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Midnight Mares Trailer


found on youtube enjoy

Edit: My client wishes to make this as good as it can get and invited all viewers to submit their feedback directly to him at this email: c.allangann@ You need to login to view this link

Original idea © C.Allan Gann, presented at the Bronycon 2014 toymaking panel.

This is a commissioned animation work. Story and character do not belong or have been designed by Duo Cartoonist.

The Midnight Mares creator developed this series as a "young adult" offering to other mainstream animated cartoons. He has been inspired by the Brony fandom, and wanted to debut this teaser trailer at 2014 BronyCon, even if it meant sacrificing a longer polished trailer in the process. While comparisons may be made to another popular cartoon franchise, the creator has asked that you withhold judgement until the pilot episode is released.

This being a promotional trailer, it might not reflect the final version of the project.

Visually designed, boarded, turned into an animatic and finally fully colored and animated in 3 months' time, it is a personnal record for a production of this scope.

Animated completely in ToonBoom Harmony 10.3

Views: 2625 Submitted: 08/07/2014