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Let's Play ponies please


Bested viewed at 1080p for detail!

While day while playing through Papers Please I started to wonder: what wouldi t look like with ponies?
So here it is!
A recreation of the game set between two worlds.
Equestria A (pony) on the left and Equestria B (humans) on the right.
In between is an event horizon that shreds anything that attempts to enter anywhere but the magic mirrors.
The inspectors job is to prevent changelings and others undseriables from infiltrating the human world.
This is a "what if" type of idea and this game does not really exist, it is only an animation ( at least for now)
Lets play voiced by: Nourie
Face sprites by: Acesential (penny)
Animated by: tiarawhy
Origional game/sprites based on Papers Please by Lucas Pope.
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Views: 5375 Submitted: 12/11/2013