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I just died laughing


I love whoever made this...
Originally written by these gents:

MP3: www.mediafire.com/?6m5155hl02v62p2

When I was a little brony and the sun was going down,
I went on Ponibooru and this is what I found,
A picture of Rainbow, with candy fag galore,
But DerpyGrooves came into the chat and said "look there's even more", we got
Pinkie naked on the bed, eating a slice of pie,
Rainbow x Scootaloo and Twilight feeding Fluttershy.
Clop clop clop.
Clopping to the Ponies
Fapping with the Bronies
Wanking with my Cronies
Put it up on the Sonys
Eating more Baloney
My name isn't Tony
And tell that great Rarity to get with Spike and just get it on
and if he thinks she can get away then she's got another thing coming
and the very idea of such a ship just makes you wanna

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Views: 8859 Submitted: 04/14/2012