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Heavens Light


All my hhhnnnnggg

This is a fan animation project based on "My little Pony , Friendship is Magic" Featuring young Discord and Celestia.

THe visual production was brought to you by Jordana G and Richard S. THe voice talent was provided by Andrew Stein (Mandopony)

This video is not associated with Hasbro or the MLP productions in any way, it was made exclusively for entertainment purposes and enjoy us all bronies.

This will become eventually a full animation done in Flash, which will emulate the look of FIM as best as our means will allow.

Original song: Heaven's light. Performed by Berlin's Orchestra
Voice Talent: Andrew Stein, (Mandopony)
Story Cocept: Ghost Peacock
Visual Development: Jordana González and Richard S
Special thanks to: Mimi R. Maria M and Robob

To more from Spiritto:
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Original story concept:
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If you want to hear more from Mandopony:

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