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#2 - xgrandmoffx
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(04/09/2013) [-]
Translation below.
Hi all!
Here with the permission of the project I bring ROBcakeran53 animated MLD
Still in process
help is needed to finish this humble project
I'm not even'm a student professional
and I want to share this wonderful fanfiction that has touched many
"" "" "& qu ot;" "" "" "& quot;" "" "" "" "" "" "& qu ot;" "" "" "& quot;"
Director: Brian Zavala (MizuWolf)
Dubbing Director: Lisandro Mendez Alexis Delgadillo
Lead vocal: Anthony Rodriguez
Voice Dashie: Sethy Liony
"" "" "& quo t;" "" "" "& q uot;" "" "" "" ""
if you are interested in collaborating, contact me at this very youtube
and if you can, send proof of your work
Here I give the DA
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www.equestriadaily.com / 2013/04/my-little-dashie-animation-trai # idc-container ler.html
Background song
Hachiko A Dog's Story - Goodbye
Postada, I will improve, this animation can not be so
THANK YOU ALL! I will take you all the enthusiasm in the world on this project!
You MUST thanks!