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User avatar #27 - remsaman (01/20/2013) [-]
How it should end:
>twilight graduates all her studies n ****
>princess/figure offers her to be an alicorn
>first of all ecstatic, as its a once in a lifetime chance and something she thought impossible
>looks back at all her friends, knows shes going to have to leave them because an alicorn wouldnt get treated the same in pony society.
>sees all the responsibilities of an alicorn, too much work.
>rejects offer and goes with her friends.

roll end credits.
User avatar #29 to #27 - wonderlandman (01/20/2013) [-]
or she accepts and the show continues as we watch the entertainment of her dealing with responsibility, flying lessons, other lessons in the royal aspects and greater magic only available to alicorns, etc.
User avatar #30 to #29 - remsaman (01/20/2013) [-]
i dunno about you but that sounds boring as **** .
User avatar #31 to #30 - wonderlandman (01/20/2013) [-]
i don't know about you, but i don't give a ****
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