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Fluttershy's Lullaby


*I don't own anything except my voice.

Acapella: www.mediafire.com/?uwzoy23zvr3uab3

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I love Fluttershy. I really do. Rest well, everyone. I think I should clarify, though. I don't really watch MLP. I've watched Fluttershy clips on youtube and instantly fell in love with her, both for her demeanor and voice; they remind me of, well, me.

Hush now, Quiet now
It's time to lay your sleepy head
Hush now, Quiet now
It's time to go to bed

Drifting! Off to sleep!
Leave excitin' day behind you!
Drifting! Off to sleep!
Let the joy of dream land find you..

old fluttershy fandub: chirb.it/g0OHgy

Views: 1999 Submitted: 01/20/2012