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Flutter On Daddy-O - Sprocket f SaxBrony


DOWNLOAD: Bandcamp and You Tube ID is sdoggingsworth

Fluttershy plays it cool. A quick jam, and my first venture into proper jazz.

Special thanks to Sax Brony and his awesome contribution!! Baritone Saxophone: Sax Brony's You Tube ID: UltimoDestructo94
Art used with Permission: Alygal281 Deviant Art
Flutter On, Daddy-O
Copyright Sprocket Doggingsworth 2013

Fluttershy, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Copyright Hasbro, and the Hub, 2010
"Keep Calm and Flutter On" Copyright The Hub 2013.

Views: 1819 Submitted: 01/20/2013