Conversation between non-brony & clopper. . lli?, omegle Talk to strangers! watching two strangers discuss your question on Omeglol Question to discuss: who is  Conversation between non-brony & clopper lli? omegle Talk to strangers! watching two strangers discuss your question on Omeglol Question discuss: who is
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Conversation between non-brony & clopper

lli?, omegle Talk to strangers!
watching two strangers discuss your question on Omeglol
Question to discuss:
who is familiar with ?
Stranger 1: i am
Stranger 2: this can refer to many things
Stranger 2: oh
Stranger 1: mainly because a brony
Stranger 2: does this rule apply to your love for
animated ponies?
Stranger 2: in your case
Stranger 1 : yes it does as a matter of fact
Stranger 2: how would you explain to someone that
isnt a brony why you like sexual content depicting
colorful ponies
Stranger 1: its not really because their ponies its like
the way they are depicted in a picture if you know what
trying to say
Stranger 2: please elaborate
Stranger 2: if the way they are depicted is the reason
you like it does this mean the fact they are colorful
ponies has nothing to do with your pleasure forthis
Stranger 1: like you couldnt tap to jello but if there was
a sexy naked woman made of jello you could tap to that
Stranger 1: being a brony is not all about mopping
Stranger 2: i think i understand
Stranger 2: the reason you like ponies is because
you like erotic content in general and because you are
a fan of the series not because you are into bestiality
Stranger 2: probably because of you being fan having
more attachment to something fictional
Stranger 2: which could cause this content to be more
Stranger 1: kinda like that
Stranger 1 : although i do like beastiality
Stranger 2: thats what i would have asked later
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: do you like bestiality without human
Stranger 1: no
Stranger 2: interesting
Stranger 1 : you mean like just animals
Stranger 2: yes
Stranger 1: no
Stranger 2: so in case of ponies it has to do with the
fact the are depicted in an anthropomorphised way
Stranger 1: hold you need an example
Stranger 2: do i?
Stranger 1 : yes
Stranger 1: so you can understand
Stranger 1 :just a sec
Stranger 1: http:
Stranger 2: no worries iam very patient
Stranger 1: like in this situation
Stranger 1: its not because their ponies but the sexual
content + the fictional attachment
Stranger 2: the fictional attachment may describe this
phenomenon very well
Stranger 2: as someone who isnt into brony culture
your image is not arousing for me for several reasons
Stranger 1 : did you cringe when you saw that
Stranger 2: no
Stranger 2: but
Stranger 2: the artist is not using cast shadows
straining my willfull suspension of disbelief the human
tom is minimal and i feel like these creatures havent
reached sexual maturity
Stranger 2: which is also a turnoff for me
Stranger 1: i can see your view
Stranger 2: so do you considerings picture to be
Stranger 1: meh this one is sub par
Stranger 1 : at best
Stranger 2: well, i must say if you dent have any more
ideas how to give me insight into your mind iam done
with this conversation
Stranger 1 : well i could try
Stranger 2: go on
Stranger 1 : this one is more mild but i think you can
see why it gets the job done
Stranger 1: http:// . tumblrjunk/
Stranger 2: indeed if you isolate the right body parts
and paired with the human underwear it does tap into
the aesthetic of the human body
Stranger 1 : then there is also humanized and anthro
Stranger 1 : of this type of thing
Stranger 2: i know of its existence
Stranger 2: but not surprised there is enter anything
considering what the rule's states
Stranger 1 : well thats what it is
Stranger 2: anyway iam delighted in getting a glimpse
into previously unknown parts of the mind of bronies
Stranger 2: farewell stranger
Stranger 1 : nice speaking to you
Stranger 2 has disconnected
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