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Camaraderie is Supernatural

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Created by Cyberlink & GameBuddy
Written by Cyberlink
Edited by Cyberlink


Mystic Pyro Freak as Twilight Sparkle, Applejack
RockTheJake as Spike
Kage-Ichihashi as Pinkie Pie
GameBuddy as Rainbow Dash
HieiFireShadow as Rarity
CelestOrion as Fluttershy
Jacks as Mayor Mare
TheChio as the Narrator
CyberLink as Himself

My Little Pony: Camaraderie is Supernatural is a non-profit, fan-based parody. All copyrighted material belongs to their respective owners.

Views: 1934 Submitted: 04/05/2012
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(04/05/2012) [-]
although I didnt like the way it made twilight look like a total bitch in the beginning (im too sensitive with her), its a parody so a few good laughs.
well done