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#17 - Iloldmypants
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(01/05/2013) [-]
If watched some bits of every generation and this is what I learned:

G1 - Kinda sketchy animation, even at the time. had trouble settling on main characters, preferring to introduce new toys ponies. Surprisingly acceptable stories sometimes. Conclusion: OK for it's time, but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch.

G2: similar to above, but with better animation. But instead of sometimes good writing, they try to connect to teenagers, didn't end well. Conclusion; bad, but not astoundingly so.

G3: Animation quality continues to rise, yet characters look like hippos. too many characters, not enough development . Stories are oh so terribly girly (The phrase "rainbow princess" has come up ) Conclusion: So bad that it can sometimes be entertaining to watch.

G3.5: So many kinds of ****. animation takes a turn for the worse (sometimes they can't even be bother animating their mouths moving, so they just bob their heads Red vs Blue style.) and it pains me to know someone was paid for the writing they did for this. Conclusion: The fact that episodes were available for me t watch instead of being destroyed or sealed away shows a massive lapse on humanity's part.

G4: see accompanying picture for reference.