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#179 - anon
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(02/11/2013) [-]
people saying not to defend Palestine because they hang gays and have bad views of woman, so your choice is Israel a country that lies does many illegal expansion operations my tax dollars go to Israel every year like for there army, oh I forgot supporting another country's army is better than fixing our health problem our poor problem the debt crisis and everything else our country has wrong with it, oh and the Rothschild family that owns the federal reserve (our government's personal print money don't ask questions bank) also owns like 40% of Israel and majority of all oil businesses along with the Rockefeller family, oh and where do they come from Israel, every time you speak out against Israel out of no where your a threat to America, **** that there taking my money to go kill some middle eastern people, oh Palestine is bombing Israel I would be ******* bombing Israel to if you illegally expanded into my property. Go watch the news some more and get your daily propaganda lesson, saying Palestine is not a country either it's a piece a land that belongs to anybody, no it doesn't it's the Palestinian peoples land, because they don't except gays they deserve to have there homes taken away? There's many no Arab countries that don't support gay and hang them odd that only the middle eastern cases make the news. People are so racist towards the Arabs, and I'm white not Arab if you think that's why I'm defending them. If you say they did 9/11 ooooooo I'm sorry that only 3000 deaths and there's more proof it was our government that did it than the Arabs, since 9/11 250 000 innocent Arabs have died that like 80 9/11's who's the real murderer. Everything has to be politically correct now or your a terrorist you have to except being gay as 'normal' or your anti gay, if you have more than 1 wife you disrespect woman. I think of all people to criticize us the Americans shouldn't be aloud we are the most hypocritical, we point fingers but can't even fix our own problems
#189 to #179 - chrisf
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(02/11/2013) [-]
yes thank you for that, the truth, people just listen to the news to form there opinions because it's easier that way 'governments don't want a population of critical thinking. They want obedient workers, people just smart enough to run the machines and just dumb enough to passively accept their situation' - George Carlin, you all here that there's these terrorists but who seems to do the majority of the killing us, and where do our tax dollars go Israel the country with the 4th best army that is backed by the number 1 army us America, It's like fighting a handicapped kid it's heartless and evil the exact thing that we've done to palestine