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#451 - freddyhollensen
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(09/16/2012) [-]
Marxism is a loose term, when OP says Marxism never worked... he obviously thinks of Marxism as being ''sucking up to Stalin'' not ''Scandinavian wealth, security and equality'' which could be argued is a soft / cultural form of Marxism.

Supreme capitalism is rather stupid, as it is ******* you hard. You say you wouldn't want the government to take your money, but got no problem private companies does.

It is as well an investment, paying the education of young people who otherwise couldn't afford it, and paying for their mothers surgery so they won't have to drop out and take a full time job at Burger King.

I'm not considering myself a Marxist, more of a liberal socialist(Socialism with less government bureaucracy) ... but if there is one ideology which is complete nonsense, it's American capitalism.

You have to stop thinking faith in Jesus will solve your problems, you need free health care, an educational system that works for everybody and some sort of financial security net for people who lose their job. This is what civilized nations do.
#470 to #451 - anon
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(09/16/2012) [-]
There is NO country that can truly follow Marx ideal. They can emulate it in some ways, but they cannot govern a country with his ideal. True socialism wouldn't work, true communism wouldn't work, because of people. The emulated versions of them work though, I will admit that. I will also agree with supreme capitalism being stupid. But supreme capitalism is not what America has, so...
User avatar #461 to #451 - wolverinebamf
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(09/16/2012) [-]
I don't want free health care, because then the government would be paying doctors indirectly, which would raise taxes, and pay less to the doctors saving my life, why go through 8+ years of college for a salary you could get at some corporate job? I agree the educational system should be better, and even that teachers should be payed better, they have to go through college to, and get **** for pay. I think welfare is kind of ********, but maybe a bit to help them get back on there feet, only for a limited time of course, maybe four months or so.