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yes yes, you can't commit a mass killing with a baseball bat, this is true
you can commit one with improvised explosives if you cant get a gun
killers wont stop killing if you make it illegal to buy their weapon of choice
also, since when does something being illegal prevent people who want it from buying it
look at weed and drugs for instance, guns are no different, black market dude

the main point here is that the media sensationalizes the mass killings. they make a great big deal any time multiple people die at the same time. it's the same way they make a massive fuss over a plane crash. they do not happen often, but when they do, its all you hear about its a massively big deal, but when you listen traffic reports, accident is a casual word they toss around like it's nothing and you think of it as nothing but an inconvenience to you. "oh damnit, an accident, now im gonna be late"