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Could someone enlighten me about this war in the USA? i might have missed it in the history class or we may have not been taught about it. i remember being taught about the war where Americans fought for their independence in the 1770's and the civil war in the 1880's if i remember correctly. in exchange i can share some information on Finland's history if you're interested. I like history and i like sharing history with some people who are interested in it.
#39 to #26 - solarisofcelestia
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The war of 1812 was an armed conflict between the United States and Canada, who at the time were still considered British colonies loyal to the empire. At the time the United States maintained a philosophy of "manifest destiny" a belief that all of the land in the North and South American continents (the "new world" as it was considered) was the soul property of their newly formed nation. Thus as pioneers expanded westward they sought to take the land from any who weren't recognized as citizen of the United States. This meant fighting and displacing aboriginal tribes to the west, Spanish Mexicans to the south, and Canadians in the north.
It is possible that from the perspective of the Americans, they considered this better for those they invaded. The aboriginals were considered uncivilized and destroying their culture was for their benefit. For the Canadians, the United States were previously English colonies and Canada was currently considered a union of English colonies. So invading them was thought to be removing the final remains of Imperial influence in North America, and showing the colonists their new non-imperial way of life. This invasion didn't sit well with the Canadians and they defended Canada along the boarder to the United States. During the war the American capital was attacked and burnt by Canadian forces. The war was bloody, as all are, but eventually peace was found.
The British Empire on the other hand had its own problems with Napoleon leading France. But that conflict was on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, so most Canadian settlements didn't even know they were at war with the French. This lack of knowledge boosted tolerance between English and French Canadians.
User avatar #283 to #39 - damping
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Wow Canadian Educations must be awful.
#32 to #26 - anon id: 5ad8113d
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American war was 1860's, not 80's
just a heads up
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you're right. checked it. i remembered it was in the 1880's
User avatar #29 to #26 - nyuORlucy
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america literally wanted territory from canada. it was still until british control at that time so it was again brits vs patriots. it lasted i think 2 years and nothing happened
#37 to #29 - turbanmasher
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"The most famous episode was a series of British raids on the shores of Chesapeake Bay, including an attack on Washington that resulted in the British burning of the White House, the Capitol, the Navy Yard, and other public buildings, in the "Burning of Washington"."