Polandball RPG?. Info about my previous game: rpgmaker.net/games/2875/ Polandball Adventure post: /channel/polandball/Polandball+s+adventure/hsRzGuf/. The RPG?  Polandball RPG? Info about my previous game: rpgmaker net/games/2875/ Adventure post: /channel/polandball/Polandball+s+adventure/hsRzGuf/ The
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Polandball RPG?

The RPG?
Hey fellow Hers! This is my first ever, and We been here for b years or so.
The reason why i post this is the game F' Adventure someone posted a few
days ago. Soomeone made a small game about Polandball trapped in Austria' s dungeon,
All fun, but to be honest, I feel like I can do a way better job and depening on the
comments on this post, i might create a Polandball game! Let me explain myself:
Adventure" someone . .
posted on :
The person who created Polandball used RPG Maker , a program I used for years,
And to be honest, he didn' t do anything special with it, just using the standard
recources. I however, worked on a game called Ascension for years. In that process,
I and others created custom meny systems, battle systems, minigames, graphics,
music, sound effects etc,,, Check the description to see something more about that
The game was too big of a project to work on solely though and i abandoned it in
2013. However, that does mean I can Lise a lot of it' s resources in a Polandball game
Now I did play around a bit with Polandball, and one of the major things I want to
know is what kind of style I should use, basic color or :
Basic colors: (just made really fast to show what i mean, end result would look better)
RMXP style:
Now what I want to ask from you guys:
Should I work on this game, yes or no?
would you play it (it will be free to play)
would you help making this game? (either if you are a good polandball comic
maker or you know how to work with RMXP/ RMVX Ace)
Do you prefer the basic color style or ) y style more?
The games' theme should of course be the same as the comics, dealing with history,
conflicts and stereotypes in a funny way. Wathever the result of this post is,
thank you Fil for making me laugh, rage and cringe for years.
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