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(12/19/2013) [-]
America spent 683.7 billion in 2011 on its military budget. Which includes the defense of its allies. When America asked countries to chip in to defense due to the cost most declined, however Japan and South Korea agreed and started to fund their own defense force. After which America really just quit caring about Europe. The point being is we fund Europe extensively for its protection and they don't. In addition to American troops deployed throughout the world America has given 22% of the UN budget for 2013, and has given extensively to the UN since its founding.
#203 to #146 - anon
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that is probably because europe does not need a giant military complex to defend itself. in opposition to the eastasians, the europeans own nuclear weapons. in addition to that russian-european relations are actually quite good. no side can afford going into war with the other one or even afford risking a bigger crisis.
In short: The Europeans actually just need the nuclear potential and interventionforces for ressourceconflicts.
They do not need a big budget. And consider the following: When the US says Germany needs to spend bigtime on the military, it means that germany should be part of military operations fueling american interest. if germany would arm up without doing that in this context, its allies would go crazy.