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#19 - manicekman (08/29/2013) [-]
I have seen Blitzkrieg in Planetside 2. Tanks and aircraft everywhere, taking base after base. It felt really bad retreating again and again and still getting asskicked.
#59 to #19 - potatium (08/30/2013) [-]
You need a counter zerg
#28 to #19 - misterlad (08/29/2013) [-]
When I was playing NC account on briggs, I watched at the TR destroyed the VS at Ti alloys.

pic related, pretty much what happened.
User avatar #35 to #28 - zaywoot (08/29/2013) [-]
bow down to might of the terran republic!
#65 to #35 - brassydolphin ONLINE (09/15/2013) [-]
Victory is in our tradition!
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