Brazil is whiter than Argentina. Brazil is also whiter than the UK - Ever been to London, or in other words, Londonistan?. oufit: fal census statistics identify
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Brazil is whiter than Argentina

Brazil is also whiter than the UK -
Ever been to London, or in other words, Londonistan?

oufit: fal census statistics identifying "white
people". Few countries have census category
United States 223, ssa,
m Brazil 92, auu, auu[
E United Kingdom 54, 153, “ l
Argentina :Avis, aoo,
Venezuela 11, 490, 015? -'31
L Chile , vacu,
E Sikth Africa 4, AEE, EOE[ 35]
Puerto Rica 3, ,
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Submitted: 02/26/2014
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#14 - bigmanblue (02/27/2014) [+] (2 replies)
stickied by ilikecows
it population not percentage
the UK has a total population of just under 70 million where as brazzil has a hell of a lot more then that
#4 - kottonmouthed (02/27/2014) [+] (5 replies)
Why do they want to be white? It isnt special.
#2 - xxxsonic fanxxx (02/26/2014) [-]
White people number that high in Brazil?
White people number that high in Brazil?
User avatar #20 - tombobbusama (02/27/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Brazil is whiter than the UK?
User avatar #26 to #20 - broswagonist ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
Well, it has more white people, but it also has a lot more people in total. It's not too hard to use statistics to make you believe in something false.
#30 - shaturnex (02/27/2014) [+] (1 reply)
Wait... I'm argentinian and I don't get what is going on.
Are Argentinians supposed to don't be white or what?
#32 to #30 - kristovsky (02/27/2014) [-]
Well, you don't be english thats for sure
#7 - slias (02/27/2014) [-]
Britain is 85% white, Brazil is only 46% white.
#5 - sequel ONLINE (02/27/2014) [+] (6 replies)
What does this have to do with polandball? There's no balls.. I WANT BALLS!
User avatar #8 to #5 - sirkanesixtytwo (02/27/2014) [-]
User avatar #13 - megafranco (02/27/2014) [-]
tPuerto Rico does not have any "true whites" we only have "tanned whites"
#1 - mudkipfucker ONLINE (02/26/2014) [-]
#35 - xxxsonic fanxxx (07/01/2014) [-]
Germany has what 80 million people with like 90% of them being white and they are not even on the list.
#33 - DiAnonLord (03/04/2014) [-]
argentina has roughly 42 million people, brazil 200 million, so percentagewise argentina is whiter.

despite this, as a white argentinean i STRONGLY DOUBT that 90% of my country is white
#24 - xxxsonic fanxxx (02/27/2014) [+] (1 reply)
It's not even that there are a lot of them, its that they come here and try to their force beliefs on everyone. Recently some Muslims near where I live went about into the streets and started to berate women for not wearing hijabs. Seriously if you don't like how it works here then **** off, simple as. That being said i don't hate Muslims just those pricks.
#23 - haeckal ONLINE (02/27/2014) [-]
Things to keep in mind:

1) "White" is only a term that entered common usage when Europeans colonized Africa and the Americas - so there are plenty of other European or Western countries filled with millions of white people living under governments where "white" is not a category on the census.

2) These are only absolute numbers, not percentages. Brazil is less than half white, the UK is probably at least 85% white.

3) In many Latin American and Caribbean countries, people were counted as white if they had any European ancestry, meaning many multiracial people are being counted as white by those governments. In the USA people did the opposite, meaning that most white Americans really are close to 100% European (unlike white Argentinians, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, etc.).
User avatar #21 - nimba (02/27/2014) [-]
It takes genius to misinterpret figures to an extent like this, also so what? I like asian people, at least as much as any other arbitrary group of people
#3 - friedgreenpomatoes (02/26/2014) [-]
And this is news how?
#29 - xxxsonic fanxxx (02/27/2014) [-]

hahaha no.
User avatar #28 - jokexplain (02/27/2014) [-]
the stupid in this post hurts my brain.
#6 - moralshifter (02/27/2014) [-]
Once again America is number one baby.
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