American Colonization. Source: You got caught spying'?'. You let that lea American Colonization Source: polandballcomics tumblr com/post/96249555260/touchscreens-and-firepower-source-reddit You got caught spying'?' let that lea
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American Colonization

You got caught spying'?'. You let that leak'.?
Now I' m in shit too you withering idiot'.
who gives a shit about what the Moots and we think?
Have you gotten over it yet? I have
l Worthless sum!
t never should have i
t! AA apologised you! E
So you' re telling me this thing works now? '
Good. Get me my gun and my mod. Yes.
Imus some ' do )
ribit isles’ - their E’ s’
Behold, simpletons! For! am from the more:
to proof We come with sod flammer.
its punishment for being a miserable old prior to the future I' m emanating you
oh, and if you try and revolt " put a goddamn hulled in your heads.
What say you, peony?
You‘: is a t' orkin' wityh!
ham Not it Aye. A witch.
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