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User avatar #193 - metajunky (01/17/2013) [-]
and there are at least 100 new pokemon added every generation, so the total would bring it to over 700. the new generation is going to have full 3d environments, battles, and characters, with their own animations for standing, attacking, and defending, AND and all the animations for every move need to be included. this is an insane amount of memory for a game to be developed on a portable device by a company that need is just coming off of making a new pokemon game and will likely be making another one for next year

now you want not only an entire other region, but EVERY region? sorry but that is just absurd to demand a game like that from these developers
User avatar #194 to #193 - metajunky (01/17/2013) [-]
also how would the pokemon level when you reach a new region? besides, pokemon games would become boring with so many regions to visit. maybe 2 to 3 at most is fine
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