Pokemon Lore #3. Part One: /channel/pokemon/Pokemon+Lore+1/MMtyGZZ/ Part Two: /channel/pokemon/Pok%C3%A9mon+Lore+2/dkxyGqx/ Episode One: youtu.be/gISyXrkweRI Ep comp Pokemon Lore facts Trivia
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Pokemon Lore #3

J Edition #3
Ahh; had MP,
co? -Fee now
In l' he Japanese versjon " l' he game l' he ole) man
blockin, your way in Viridian Ciro is,,' r grumpy because he
hasn’ l' haal has morning , he' s parsecs our Crunk.
E! pokeom
Beastin," " censorship l' he pokemon manca was
in lthe Mei-. Thu a lo? " anal fueled’
scenes. Bur in shark, Jar ass was foo Far.
com mum
a mleh CEO Tunnel( . u Ishihara,
Bola) anal Silver were almosy- lthe lael' Pokemon games ever
T gig,,' e nereng Make any more Pokemon Filles. T even l' '
laha? one we entered lthe censory, + -Joule) be lowe For me
ha in somee' h' -my else entirely."
l in l shemale /horibl will become male when l' hey
evolve info Marl"
Parasect- is a walkin, corpse. The l' schul( aso mush-
rooms on ifs back have leakin coal' rol ac-
Po several entries.
Splash is normal lowe because in l' he Japanese
is capable " small blacc( holes
In presea
foam used Mar Ill Tune
The move “mel' rename” was said Po be able Po use any
move in l' he cycler gen 'pt' ls even l' hough l' here are
Eire a Few moves E? can} Thus was my channell.
It E on a crab.
Thal" s all For now, bu? links Po more coal' enl'
anal epicycles can be Found clown below!
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