Pokemon Facts. . Poki' yritan Fun Facts Charizard is usuable. s to learn Fly in Red and Eve versions. hut Li-] rat. l[ J so starter's with Yelena versioin, . ll Pokemon Facts Poki' yritan Fun Charizard is usuable s to learn Fly in Red and Eve versions hut Li-] rat l[ J so starter's with Yelena versioin ll
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Pokemon Facts

Poki' yritan
Fun Facts
Charizard is usuable. s to learn Fly
in Red and Eve versions. hut
Li-] rat. l[ J so starter's with Yelena
versioin, . lle. h,
still get is Charizzard with Fly in
the original games by trading
one from the later version.
Great Ball has IE times
to catch a
lall' ill, it , whale Ultra Ehall
has 2 times that of a
In Generation l, there were five '.r
Attack. Defense. and Spec. .
The Special stat was further
into Spary. Attack and
Special Defense In ll.
in the earlier gaines, the 17
types were
classified accord: to which
mm; stats they . Water.
B. . tall, Grass, Fire, Ice. Electric,
EL"! Mtl Psychic, Dragon and Dark
m. ' r ? 5 were Special based.
1' ll' l' while the rest were Physical
type Pokemon
would not be able to utilize
Special moves well if l has a
low Special Attack. and vice
verse for Attack. However,
this was changed in
Generation IV, where e.'. .' h
type has its own set of
Special F" .’ moves.
t:, therefore rely
on its 125 Attack Instead of
its 60 Special Attack when
using Waterfall. a Physical-
based Water move.
The highest . a
that can he
legitimately dealt m the
if. g.' ifhe is a uncapping
The only Pokemon who
can pull this off is....
Seville, atit', i' ijbi' iiu.
t As of Generation /
ST At Water type is the
idet?, most i;' ota' in' ion of all
seventeen types,
consisting of 109
F’ Genertion -or %
of all . amren.
The least
type is Ghost type,
with only 27
of all Pokemon.
hen a move type is super effective against the type of
the opponent Pokenmon. it inflicts double the damage,
anti: when is tn eve is not very effective, it ideals half of the
damage. Against a Pokemon with double typing however.
a move can deal up to FOUR times if it is effective against
both of the ' s types he using Hock Slide against
Firth/ raying rd]. or only at QUARTER of the
if both of the Pokemon's types are resistant to the move
using Flamethrower against Rock/ Water Omastar].
Mm' trst'
loses 1/ 8 mats
maximum HP after
turn, mul its
Attack stat is halved-
hurt be -11 burn?
In Generation I, Psychic
type hweird only one
weakness," Bug, The
strongest Bug type move
at that trifle was Twin
Needle, which was .
lottie but better than
Tackle. and could only be
used by .
Ghost type moves had no
This .
there were sources back then
to suggest that Ghost type f b. '1__‘,. .
was supposed to be effective E
against Psychic; official “my
strategy guides published by ilntr . ait
suspected to be an error, as In E
Nintendo and two mime
episodes featuring Ash' s -
Haunter against Psychic Gym 2-" sf
Leader Sabrina. Q; I
In addition, has
the highest Special Attack
n I (and
currently second highest
n an generations] at .
to put that in perspective,
Charizard’ s Special Attack
are 85, 100 and 109
Mew was originally added to
the original games as an
Insider prank among the
Game Freak staff, without the
Intention of publicly revealing
it to the players. The cartridge
was full at first, bot the debug
features which weren' t going
to be included in the final
version of the game were
remover], a "mni. yue
EGG bytes of free '.sira( Ya for
Mew to be slotted in. Even
Nintendo wasn' t made aware
of it at f. rst.
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