Pokemon Facts and myths #3. 3rd installment, will be 1 posted everyday #1: /funny_pictures/4744026/Pokemon+facts+1+read+description/ #2: /channel/pokemon/Pokemo Pokemon Facts an
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Pokemon Facts and myths #3

Spinarak is not as alot of people believe, due to having only 6 legs he is
technically not a spider also the spots on his back resemble a face.
Though Flying type is a common second typing to Bug types, the
only Bug types that can learn Fly are Genesect and Volcaronas-
which aren' t even part Flying type.
After battling a girl in Generation I, she will say that
she would love a Pokemon that was pink and had a
floral pattern. Eventually, this Pokemon was
introduced in Generation V (Munna).
There is an item that has been "dummies out" of the game called T?'?'?'?,
which lets the player Surf without using a Pokemon. This leads many to
think that originally the player had a Surf board, rather than using
Pokemon for surfing.
Jigglypuffs prototype name was Pudding, while
Jigglypuffs prototype name was Custard.
Cri on Am.
Abra' s prototype name was Hocus, and Kadabra' s
Pocus. It was most likely changed to represent "Abra
Kadabra, Alakazam".
Cubone' s prototype name was "Orphan", which explains
why its called "The Lonely Pokemon".
taunts BE
Trainers were not originally given names. Instead of "Hiker
John wants to battle! I it was, "THE HIKER wants to
fight! "
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Pokemon Gold and Silver was originally going to be
called "Pocket Monsters 2" or "Pokemon 2".
In Generation III, Pokemart roofs were originally
going to be colored red. They were most likely
changed to avoid confusion with a Pokemon Center.
I would like to thank everyone for there support on the last 2 compilations
iunderstand there may have been a few mistakes but live and learn.
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