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New Evolutions


The new Pokemon X and Y Possible Starter Evolutions that everyone keeps talking about. Maybe you've seen them maybe you haven't, plus I have some new concepts from people from Tumblr etc. so all credit goes to them. The song name is Pokemon Final Battle in Pokemon Black and White 2, released in 2012 all copyright goes to them. Also ending theme is Mario so I don't want to copyright either. If you've read this far comment on what Starter Pokemon you want to pick first when you (possibly) get Pokemon X and or Y + Pokemon Z if they plan on making it. None of this is final it is just a prediction, we will never know until the final Pokemon X and Pokemon Y come out in 2013.

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My only major gripe is with Froakie. Off the top of my head, I can only think of 2 creature that go through a "Pokemon" style evolution and that is caterpillars/butterflies and tadpoles/frogs. Because of this I am pissed that Froakie doesn't start as a tadpole like poliwag and seismatoad does. It is gonna be a frog evolving to a bigger frog to a bigger frog. why don't we just have a butterfly evolving into a bigger one twice also