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(01/09/2013) [-]
I like the fire one. The water one is meh. The grass one is stupid. All imo.

I like the fire one because it looks alright, but also because it is what I feel starters should be like. Hard to explain. It also somewhat makes sense which is something I can't say for a lot of pokemon these days. It's called fennekin and it looks like a fennec fox, which lives in a desert (fire).
I actually like the water one for similar reasons. It's just that they have made SO many pokemon that resemble frogs that it is getting on my nerves. Surely there is something that lives in the water that they can get ideas from...
The grass one... Okay, I admit I don't really like it. Personally, it does not look like a grass type at all to me. It looks like they drew a beaver/otter thing (that has been done before for a starter) and then thought that if they threw a green thing on it's head it would look grass type. If it lost the green head piece and became a regular normal type, I would probably like it more.
Overall I like them though and I think if they keep going down this path with the rest of them then it should be a pretty awesome gen.
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(01/09/2013) [-]
it could be normal/grass like deerling/sawsbuck