I wont :'(. feels.. My current wallpaper
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#14 - anonymous (04/06/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Grow the **** up.
User avatar #19 to #14 - codyxvasco (04/06/2013) [-]
Grow the hell down.
#2 - erdbeerbaum (04/05/2013) [+] (3 replies)
My current wallpaper
#5 - justleavefagmin (04/06/2013) [+] (8 replies)
I never liked Pokemon or even Legend of Zelda.

don't hurt me
#3 - darman (04/06/2013) [-]
My current wallpaper. I made it the other day with GIMP.
#25 - AnonymousDonor (04/06/2013) [-]
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#13 - mrsugoiman **User deleted account** (04/06/2013) [+] (2 replies)
Seeing old Pokemon stuff always reminds me of my brother (he's 5 years older than me)
I grew up without much as far as games, NES and some games and an old Gameboy with tetris and tenni, and my brother always played pokemon red. I wanted to play it so badly but we couldn't afford blue for me so my brother and I would always sit next to each other and I would watch him play. I didn't really understand it, it looked super cool to me is all, but he would always talk about his 'Super duper strong Charizard' and how he always kicked his rival's ass. He ended up getting into fights with my mom all the time and ran away one day, he gets along with her now, but the day he left I woke up with his Gameboy with red in it with a note that said 'I'll be back soon, bud, I love you.'
I still have that game and I've beaten it so many times and it always reminds me how much I love that ******* brother of mine

Tldr: I get real ******* feely when I see old pokemon
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User avatar #22 - lolwtfbbqtyler (04/06/2013) [-]
I never will forget these three.....right in the childhood man
User avatar #21 - lookatmeimatarget (04/06/2013) [-]
I used to love Pokemon, but eventually I just got tired of it. I might get Pokemon X, though. First game I ever played was Pokemon Yellow, I was too young for the originals.
User avatar #16 - mettih (04/06/2013) [-]
I can't forget something i'm still playing.
#12 - anonymous (04/06/2013) [-]
pokemon = 9/11
#10 - spectrethief (04/06/2013) [-]
My current wallpaper
User avatar #8 - Sacrarment (04/06/2013) [-]
I'm watching a Pokemon Blue race on TwitchTV right now. The nostalgia.
User avatar #15 - indecisivejew (04/06/2013) [-]
Yeah, because I was totally going to forget about one of the most successful multimedia franchises of all time and the second highest selling video game franchise, but seeing this reposted image solidified it in my memory. Thanks, OP.
#6 - lyrion (04/06/2013) [-]
This is actually my current phone wallpaper lol xD
User avatar #1 - cumsinbucket (04/05/2013) [-]
Spent the last winter break trying to collect them on the newer games.
Happy to report SUCCESS!
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