A Pokemon existential crisis. . Ill could ', as look of somber l, l. lttle,
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A Pokemon existential crisis

Ill could ', as look of somber l, l. lttle,
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Submitted: 05/21/2013
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#4 - miscarriage (05/21/2013) [+] (2 replies)
This image has expired
User avatar #6 - kito (05/21/2013) [+] (9 replies)
Is this from Ruby or Sapphire?
#21 - holler (05/22/2013) [-]
#13 - anonymous (05/22/2013) [+] (1 reply)
When asked this question, I then saved and shut the game off and stared deeply into the reflection cast off the darkened screen of my Gameboy, and while poring over the image of my face, I began to see the moroseness of my visage, the untimely aging juxtaposed hideously with the acne of my adolescence, and the dark rings around my eyes that came about from years of improper sleep and more recently the onset of PTSD from what I thought to be a traumatic breakup.

In other words, gentlemen of Funnyjunk, Pokemon made me realise how terrible my life is just from that one question mixed with that one reflection.
#33 - valhalarising (05/22/2013) [+] (1 reply)
#43 - dandannyboyclark (05/22/2013) [+] (6 replies)
#22 - hiddeninhat (05/22/2013) [+] (9 replies)
I spent about twenty minutes looking for this, but it was FRIKKIN. WORTH IT!

Also, this is the best nuzlocke I've ever readen. It's called Child's Game, by ClassyWorlple. Look it up!
#24 - nimblewalrus (05/22/2013) [-]
**nimblewalrus rolled a random image posted in comment #3 at Looking for fuckscapes ** What I see
#1 - twi (05/21/2013) [+] (2 replies)
This image has expired
I'm not even sorry.
#2 to #1 - leagetshitpack (05/21/2013) [-]
oh you...
#61 - rufless (05/22/2013) [+] (1 reply)
**rufless rolled a random image posted in comment #91 at Mike Jeffries ** what I see reflected in my face
#63 - zekeon ONLINE (05/22/2013) [-]
What does my reflection show?

Who I am inside?
User avatar #10 - kijajouteh (05/22/2013) [-]
Did anyone else do this while playing?
User avatar #67 - cookiewtf (05/22/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Does anyone else think he looks like Kakashi?
#73 to #67 - anonymous (05/22/2013) [-]
I thought he looked more like Miathushiba
#60 - ieatyououtaldaylon (05/22/2013) [-]
**ieatyououtaldaylon rolled a random image posted in comment #1998926 at Friendly ** what I saw.
#12 - anonymous (05/22/2013) [-]
The sorrow of thousands of days wasted.
User avatar #11 - Willhelm ONLINE (05/22/2013) [-]
Jesus Christ, what a "Peanuts" moment. This guy channeling Linus or Schroeder or something.
#53 - traveltech (05/22/2013) [-]
**traveltech rolled a random image posted in comment #63314 at Shin Anime Social Board **
My reflection
User avatar #36 - stallwallwriter (05/22/2013) [-]
It's even more chilling when you realize they aren't actually looking at the water. They're looking right through the fourth wall at the player.

Right at you.
#31 - itrinx (05/22/2013) [-]
**itrinx rolled a random image posted in comment #27 at He might not know much about computers ** what i saw in the water.
User avatar #26 - dstar (05/22/2013) [+] (5 replies)
the boy's clothes aren't in his reflection...
User avatar #41 to #40 - herpymcderp ONLINE (05/22/2013) [-]
I'm almost certain that it only looks blue because of shadow. In the water you clearly see a white shirt. Everything just looks paler in the water.
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